Social networks based in Boston

There are many social networks based in Boston. The number has been growing and has now surpassed that of Silicon Valley which is known to have these social networks in plenty. Most of these networks have very intense and visionary goals of their own. Some of these networks include


It is an online gaming site visited by very many people. This is a site that offers people the opportunity to play with other people games on the internet from their phones. This is a mobile social network. Some of the features in this network include games, chat, messaging phots and ecards too. This is an interesting way to interact with people in the internet and make more friends even if some you may never meet. Some of the investors of this network include general Catalyst and Soft bank. Because of the revenue ad-based this network has partnered with some mobile ad networks.


This is website where people can use to advertise their skills for them to get jobs. Some of the investments of this website are friends and family of the founders. It is website run by the cofounders and some interns from some of the universities and colleges around. This is website that has helped people come out of the problems they have to deal with on craigslist. It is a social network connecting people to current jobs and employers.


A website that offers questionnaires format from magazines allowing for one to answer personal questions. With 5 employees, this website has manage to bring in a funding of 1.7 million dollars. This website asks some personal questions that would not normally come up in a conversation. An example of such a question could be such as “if you were about to die what would be your last meal”. It imitates some of the questions on entertainments magazines. It is an interesting way to pass time and interact with other people.

Referral key

The perfect site for up and coming businesses. This site helps small business owners share information with others on business associates and how they were for them. It is a nice way to get trusted information from your own peers in business. It also gives you referrals to people you would want to higher for various jobs and how good they are such as therapists, plumbers, hairdressers etc. this company has received from angel investors and currently has 3 employees in it.

Amino by Narvii

With a funding of 500 thousand is a website that offers a network of mobile apps of specific types. This has apps varying from games to travelling to cooking apps to music and many more apps. This website serves people of different caliber because of the collection of different applications and interests. It has been termed as the fastest way to have fun and also visit some important and business issues at the same time. Want to have fun? Visit the Amino applications. It is currently manned by the cofounders with the help of a few interns.