What is Boston New Technology

Boston New Technology is formed of a group of dedicated volunteers whose mission is to help new companies, new business ventures and new hopeful entrepreneurs, get up and get started on the road that leads to success.

Today, with over eleven thousand members this group continues to offer help and advice coming from successful developers, entrepreneurs and others whose interest in technology is constant.

Holding regular meetings where people can get together to discuss thoughts, ideas, ask questions and generally gain helpful information, Boston New Technology provides an opportunity for beginners to ask the experts and to learn.

At these meetings hopeful entrepreneurs do learn. They learn from successful educators, innovators, investors and not only local supporters but from community builders and networkers from all over the New England area but even beyond that as well.

At these meetings, a visitor may watch startups and others in action. A microphone is passed around the group allowing guests to ask questions or make statements.

Boston New Technology

Generally, Boston New Technology invites newer companies as presenters. These can discuss their successes and their failures, the difficulties or challenges they’ve had to face during the implementation of their projects.

Too however, Boston New Technology often invites established companies to send a representative to discuss new technological products. The group also strives to help startups connect with others in a community-building environment that all will find beneficial.

Especially important is Boston New Technology’s well-known monthly start-up showcase. During these meetings, six or seven New England based tech startups have the opportunity to stand up and tell about their product before a live and sympathetic audience. At these meetings, each will have about ten minutes to explain the product and its value as well as its promise. With as many as two members from various industries in attendance, the presenters can not only ask and answer questions, but later can talk one on one with these for advice and inspiration.

For anyone interested in the future of technology, for New England business and for community cooperation, the monthly meetings of Boston New Technology is a place to visit and perhaps to become a member as well.

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